Virtual Give Burns The Boot® Campaign


Supporting the burn survivor community is more critical than ever before

Although the COVID‐19 pandemic seems to be easing its’ grip on the world, unfortunately fire trauma and burn injuries have not lessened and the important work of GFBF supporting the burn survivor community is more critical than ever before.

While firefighters have cautiously returned to traditional Give Burns the Boot® activities by collecting donations at intersections and storefronts across the state, departments are still encouraged to also utilize GFBF’s Virtual Boot Drive platform. The online platform is the perfect supplement to the traditional boot drive, offering a cashless donation option while collecting or a means if your team is unable to physically go out and collect.

Fire departments will also continue to benefit from the reinvestment incentive program, whereby 10% of the collected funds are designated for supporting fire safety/burn prevention initiatives in their local communities. THANK YOU!

Traditional Signup Sheet
Campaign Toolkit

Let’s give burns the boot in 2022!