Coweta County Fire Department on Giving Burns The Virtual Boot

People around the state have been stepping up to support their local fire department’s virtual fundraising campaign. This issue’s spotlight is on Coweta County Fire Rescue, who like many other departments adjusting to the pandemic, have been working overtime to transform their traditional in-person Give Burns The Boot® campaign into a virtual one.

Coweta County held their virtual drive the week of December 13-19. In addition to a great promo video that was created, featuring Fire Chief Pat Wilson, they were able to advertise in several locations, including the fire department and county Facebook pages, and firefighters even posted to their personal social media platforms as well, advertisements ran multiple times in the Newnan Times Herald, flyers were posted in business locations around the county, for example, Great South Harley Davidson posted it on their website to help spread the word. In addition, donor names are entered into a drawing for one of two beautiful gift basket giveaways. What a great incentive!

Burn injuries and trauma haven’t stopped and many thanks to Coweta County Fire Rescue for not allowing COVID-19 to stop them. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!  Click HERE to view their promo video.

Hall County Strives for Five

Their theme was “Strive For Five”, and that’s exactly what Hall County Fire Services did!  Hall County began their campaign virtually along with many other departments across the State.  In spite of the pandemic, fundraising is still needed in order to sustain the programs & services much needed in the burn survivor community, and GFBF encouraged the support of fire departments by participating in a virtual boot drive that would generate the much needed funds while remaining safe.

Having raised the most money over the last four years, Hall County was determined to make it five in a row, and as months went on and the world began learning more about living with COVID-19, Hall County made the decision to conduct a traditional boot drive in October with safety precautions in place.  Not only did Hall County “Strive For Five”, but 2020 has turned out to be the department’s historically highest year of money collected in their 20 years of participating in GFBF’s Give Burns The Boot® campaign.  Congratulations to Hall County Fire Services!